D’ohMance Dawn is a podcast that posts usually every other week on Monday mornings. It was conceived by Luke Herr who produces and hosts the show and it is co-hosted by the lovely and talented Janine Juliet. Current cover artists have been Colt Hoskins and Mike Patten, who are both excellent artists with work you should check out and support.

The loose idea of the show is to take a retro fandom view of One Piece and The Simpsons. Simultaneously, both shows are pop culture behemoths which notably have large casts and which have been broadcast for over 20 years. 

In this case the retro fandom idea is creating a mashup fan art list of characters on the shows. In the early 2000s when fandoms were starting to connect more easily online, anime was becoming more accessible, and mashup fan art was a thing. You’d combine characters from two shows and then draw the combinations. Sometimes the choices made very little sense or wouldn’t hold up in the long term – such as casting romantic leads in one series as siblings from another. But that is all part of the game.

So every episode we look at a section of One Piece episodes, usually sticking to a single arc, or complete arc, recap the One Piece episodes and then proceed to see what, if any, Simpsons episodes were released simultaneously to the Japanese One Piece arc release, and then use Simpsons characters to cast any new One Piece named characters.

Luke, Janine, and any specific guests then proceed to discuss and debate who to cast. Luke is a big fan of One Piece and The Simpsons (though has a gap starting in season 17 and lasting to around 26, with exceptions for Treehouses of Horror) while Janine’s Simpsons knowledge ended with around season 15 and she was previously unfamiliar with One Piece. So Luke usually makes overly convoluted or planned shots and Janine goes for what feels best. Along they way they bring on guests who are familiar with One Piece or at least unfamiliar with the arc being discussed in the case of filler arcs. 

That is the idea of the podcast. 

If you’d like to be a guest, you can reach out to our social media which is usually listed as dohmance or we have an email at dohmancedawn at gmail .

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